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Welcome to Cameronvsdwayne.com !

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29/8/14 I'm just uploading a folder with half life map's like all my stuff it is compressed. Just put these .bsp files in the valve maps folder and run your opposing force with developer console type into console

map (level name)

The level names and instructions are in the readme. But level1a is the only complete level , it will have lots of sequels though I havn't updated it in year's this is the original. The rest of the maps are just test maps , one features a big city it is cool.

24/8/14 I just uploaded Balmora Market 1.22 Main file and patch. Enjoy Check it out I will do another update Soon but for now theres 1 new quest and a dungeon for you's to do.


I've been working on my Balmora Market patch for a while now , I will release a version 1.22 main file for people who havn't done the quest's yet and a version 1.21 to 1.22 patch for people who don't wan't to repeat the quest's. I will hopefully add some pics of the new area's soon. I will start drawing up a schedule at the bottom of the Balmora market page. Also I am unable to devote many hours to modding but I will try my best for atleast mounthly updates to atleast one project. Some time today I'll try find some poor gun models I made age's ago I am not very good at 3d design but I tried.


This is my personal website for modding computer games, today is the first day this site is online. At the moment I don't have much stuff but I will update my mods and make new ones check out the mods page and download something if you like. Perhaps in future I will allow other people to upload to this site for now though I'm starting basic.

My current project's are Morrowind Balmora Market, Morrowind Yewplar Island and my half life opposing-force levels. You can check out my stuff here or on my profiles on moddb and tesnexus



Pre 1.21 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1euwKvfDGc


you can contact me at cameronvsdwayne@gmail.com

There will be a donate button soon. Hopefully I get interesting enough content.

Aspirations for this site:

I wan't to create to recreate it in html and allow people to make accounts and upload their own mods/level's for games. If you have experience with these things please help out.

Once I get a bit more practise making morrowind mods I will make some Oblivion and Fallout 3 / New Vegas mods. That should be fun also my Age of Empires Levels if they cannot be edited again due to file loss I will remake them but i will upload the original for those interested

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